The future for Idesk

The new plans for Idesk

After I read all yours comments and I thought what is the better way for the Idesk future. For that I have this new plans:

I will create two new options for the Idesk Project. I heard the better way for Idesk core is stay lightweight. I think the same. For that, I splited the project in two new options: –with-background and –with-menu. Both options will be available when you compile the Idesk source. Of course, the –with-menu option should be ready when the Menu on Click will be ready. This to let you can choose to have support either Menu or Background (or none). Obvious the binary size will be more small without these options. Idesk with this will be more modular.
Finish the support for Menu on click for reconfiguration the icons options (Properties: caption, delete, sort, command and change icon). Taken the originally themes and pixmap. All just with X11 libs.
Support for Vertical text labels. For Caption and Tooltip.Caption. It will be nice.
For now I leave for next versions this:

Support for composite extension from Xorg.
In addtion, and for Debian users I will create two new packages called idesk-menu and idesk-background.

Why Debian?

One of the things that but have asked to me during these last years is because I use Debian like my favorite distro. There are many definitions and reasons, but I found in one of the many sites that I have visited and that defined perfectly my because:

“Good, it is necessary to understand that Debian, like Linux, has a politician motivation with deep roots in the social movements of the sixties, that is to say, (and it is) it was done by engineer hippies of the alternative. Whereas for many users of Mandrake or Redhat Linux it is only an efficient and reliable operating system that is used from 9 to 18 hours, for “debians” use Linux it comprises of a very personal position for the society and the life. In short, if you are somebody that always has had problems with the authority, frequently questions “why” in situations that are everybody seems obvious to him and it does not please the idea to you to vegetate in a gray world and boring, surely always you have been a Debian but until now you know it”

When I read it, finally I understood what felt, which thought. Use Debian for me is a thought position, is a life form.