A Guide On Data Centre Relocation

Relocating a data center involves moving the data center equipment from one physical location to another. It can be within the same building or to an entirely new address; the relocating team should be trained and equipped to handle any issues revolving around the movement. Many companies like www.basicsolutions.com offer services of data center relocation following all the standards specified. Planning plays a critical role says experts at www.computerweekly.com as it reduces the risk of failures during transit as well as during refixing and hence the execution of the task becomes a lot easier.

When should you consider data center relocation?
There are numerous reasons which warrant a data center relocation. A few are listed below.
Office relocation due to space limitations or due to decline in business.
Efficient management of resources like staff, energy, etc
Enhanced digital data storage.
Merging or acquiring another company.
Enhancing old infrastructure.

The reason for relocating can be anything, but the execution should be perfect as data storing is a continuous and ongoing process and even a day’s delay in implementation can lead to losses to your company. With technology growing and integrating the server and the storage with these technologies is not a simple task. Moreover, there is an ongoing change in compliance and regulations by the government regarding data centers and all of these have to be managed by the IT.

Creating a data center inventory
The first task to do after the decision on moving your data center is to create a data center inventory.
This inventory should have all the information required to successfully plan a movement of a data center from one location to another or a cloud application. This list should document all the network as well as the physical infrastructure details which your company runs on. It should also enlist all the applications that rely on this infrastructure. By planning all this, you can identify any potential risks your business might face due to a relocation of a data center.

Reasons for failure of data center relocation
Many issues can arise due to relocation which can impact the business operation and ruin the credibility of the IT department. Though most of the risks can be mitigated with proper planning and strategy, there are a few unpredictable issues due to applications that operate as a standalone and also have complex interactions with the servers and the network. Choosing the right method for data center removal is critical to your business as there are some options available.
The failure of data center relocation can be attributed to the following:
Poor planning and design.
Mechanical shortcomings.
Wrong design of cables.
Bad execution of the plan.
Miscalculation by staff.
Hardware and software issues.

More and more companies are looking to either relocate data centers or wanting to merge their servers, if not planned and executed it can have a significant impact on the services. Many business owners often delay relocation with the fear of their essential applications getting affected by lack of proper execution. Before planning such a move, carefully consider all the impact and then expect the relocation accordingly.