I’m working in some projects, these are the more important:


I’m the upstream developer for this project. Idesk let to show icons on a X Desktop. I’m re-design the arquitect and layout. Many surprises in the near future.

Many idesk I have to this project, for example my old ToDO List:

Menu on right click for reconfiguration the icons options (Properties: caption, delete, sort, command and change icon). Taken the originally themes and pixmap. Of course using just X11 libraries
Support for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format (again). The support disappeared (the old version 0.5.6 has it) in the new version for avoid the GTK2 dependencies. I’m thinking in a new library taken for others, I don’t want more dependencies from more libraries.
Support for composite extension from Xorg for 3D WM. This means, Idesk should be work fine either Compiz or Beryl. Actually, doesn’t work fine.
Especial Icons for Mount and Umount devices. I’m thinking support for automount with USB devices.
Vertical text labels. For Caption and Tooltip.Caption. This be great. Anymore Icon’s applications could be this.
Setup Application Manager for Idesk. Of course, this could be done with Gtk2 (perhaps mono) or QT. Idesk remains with just X11, but a independient Setup Manager application could be in any other.
But if you have other ideas for Idesk, are welcome. But remember, the lightweight should remain.
Pidgin Plug-in SIPE (Sip Exchange Protocol)

Pidgin is a multiprotocol instant messanger for Linux (and other plataforms). SIP is another popular protocol used for VoIP, and it also has an IM (Instant Messenger) analog in the form of SIP/SIMPLE. SIP/SIMPLE is an open protocol with a documented specification. Because the Live Communication Server (LCS) has support very similar the Sip/Simple protocol, implemented by Thomas Butter. But the SIP implementation by MSN has non standard especifications classical for a MSN product. I made a plug-in called SIPE (SIP Exchange). My plugin today is functional and works for Pidgin 2.x. Has support for LCS 2003/2005 and OCS 2007.

Project Centerim

The centericq program is a multiprotocol instant messanger for console (with a very nice front end in text mode). I love this client, very fast and not obvious for curious eyes. Well, why is the problem with these project? Centericq just accept one account by protocol. These is a big problem for me, because I have three accounts for Google gTalk protocol and two accounts for MSN protocol. For that a group of develepers are doing a new project called Centerim. This has many new objectives how gives support for multiaccount. The first step is to change the accounts interface (be more flexible and powerful with facility to create n-accounts by protocol). I’m working with them doing patches and fixes bugs. In addition, I’ll be the debian mantainer for the new software.