How To Select An All-Purpose Laptop


Even though the smartphones and tablets are trending and leading in the market the usage of a laptop is still not reduced as the laptops are having many advantages than smartphones and tablets. Laptops are convenient for almost all types of users such as students, business people, home users and all professional people. It is your responsibility to spend some valuable time to investigate and find a good laptop as per your requirements as the market is flooded with many different laptop models and pricing options. You can easily buy branded laptops below $1000 if you have the research correctly. You can check some valuable laptop review details at Make sure to consider the following points while buying a good laptop.

Operating System

First, you have to decide whether you need a Windows laptop or Macbook or Chromebook. All three are entirely different in many ways. Windows 10 is the latest version released by Microsoft and which is the very famous and widely accepted the operating system. MacOS is designed and developed by Apple, and it is also very famous for its performance level. Chromebook is designed by Google mainly for the web browsers.


The latest laptop trend is ultrabooks which are usually useful at all levels such as performance, battery life, excellent storage facilities, portable in size, good screen resolution and fast multitasking capabilities. These types of laptops are ideal for students and business people.


One of the main important aspects is the storage capacity. In the case of internal storage, make sure you have more than 16GB capacity to run your laptop smoothly. In a case of external storage, it ‘s nice to have the more 1TB capacity so that you can save whatever files you want without any issues.


RAM is another important deciding factors of a laptop. If you do not have any budget constraint, then you can select a laptop with more than 8GB of RAM for doing multitasking activities without any problems.

Screen Size

The laptop screen sizes are starting from 10 inches to 18 inches. Many people prefer the medium size laptops of 15 inch which is more convenient for all types of usage. Portable laptops are ideal for students as they can easily carry them along with their regular textbooks to school or college. Even it will be the good option for the business people who travels more for business meetings. If you are a game addict, then you need to buy a laptop with 18-inch size so that you can have the real time experience while playing the game.

Battery Performance

Some high-end laptops are coming with full day battery backup options, but they are costly, but it is the ideal choice for the business people. Otherwise, you can settle for at least 8 hours of battery backup option which is good enough for the full day.

Intel Core i7 is the ideal option for laptops to run smoothly, but even i5 are also a good option if you have a budget in mind.

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