Found bugs under 0.7.4 Idesk version

I have received notice about two bugs under 0.7.4 Idesk version.

The problems are basically:

Problem with the background changer system. This it changes the background color and you still have a green background although you don’t have anyone Background instructions in the .ideskrc file. The solution will let you can use the Background.Delay option with 0 value to disable the background system (without delete nothing more). But if you don’t have anyone Background instructions, the default value will be 0 anyway. For now and until I will release the new version, there isn’t a solution for you can let inactive the background changer system.
Problem with startup notification support (option –enable-libsn). The idesk-0.7.4 chrashes after starting xmms. This bug was reported by Gentoo users. If you don’t have the support for statup notification the program works well. The bug still hasn’t a solution.
I’m working on both problems. The first problem is fixed, but the second I haven’t seen nothing yet. May be this weekend. I hope release the 0.7.5 version with the bugs fixed. The next week should be ready.

I will do too, the fixed on the Debian unstable package tomorrow (but just with the first bug fixed).