Gaim Plug-in SIPE (Sip Exchange Protocol)

Gaim Plug-in SIPE (Sip Exchange Protocol) for LCS released

Gaim is a multiprotocol instant messanger for Linux (and other plataforms). SIP is another popular protocol used for VoIP, and it also has an IM (Instant Messenger) analog in the form of SIP/SIMPLE. SIP/SIMPLE is an open protocol with a documented specification. Because the Live Communication Server (LCS) has support very similar the Sip/Simple protocol, implemented by Thomas Butter. But the SIP implementation by MSN has non standard especifications classical for a MSN product. I (with the help from Thomas) added that support. I did a plug-in called SIPE (SIP Exchange). My plugin today is functional and works for Gaim-2beta5 (or newer).