Tips On How To Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is not only a channel for watching videos but also a channel which is famous for music. Though some videos are uploaded of varied content, music videos are also uploaded at a very high volume. But music is a format that is considered suited for devices like iPods, smartphones or other music players. But there are many ways to change the format and play it. No wonder, many people search online for how to download utube songs to not only download video songs but also to convert it and play it on the music device of their choice.
As per a survey conducted by, the most favorite channel for music is not Radio or iTunes but YouTube.

Is downloading videos from YouTube legal
Downloading content for personal use is allowed provided there is a download link associated with the video. If no link is available with the content that means you are not allowed to download, Google and the creator of the video earn money out of that, and hence YouTube videos without a download link should not be downloaded. So as such, YouTube videos should not be taken. Sharing a video is allowed through social media or email, you don’t have to download a video just to share it. If the video is needed, then you can download it for only your personal use and not to edit it and upload in your name.

How to download videos

Video Downloader:
There are many YouTube 4k to MP3 software available which can do the trick of converting from 4K videos to MP3. Some of this software is ads free, and the quality of output files will be in many formats. Entire subscribed YouTube channels can be downloaded.

Online sites:
If you are wary of downloading and installing software which might have unwanted ads or malware you can try using some helper sites. These sites will convert the video to the required format and then provide a link from where you can download the saved file to your device. Based on the file size and the video quality you choose, it can take some time for conversion. There are many helper sites available which are available with added features to help with video conversion.

Extensions in Browser:
Browser extensions can help with downloading videos from YouTube. But if you are looking for some free extensions then this might not be an option for you, especially if you are using Google Chrome as your browser. Even extensions used for downloading videos states that YouTube videos cannot be saved to hard disk as it is locked. However, there is some paid software from Google which can be used.

Apps in Mobile
Android phones can be used to download and install apps without going through Google Play Store. You can download the APK and later install it on your device. You can then use that app to download videos.
Even on iPad and iPhones, you cannot install apps as they do not allow YouTube videos to be downloaded. There are some workarounds by using the iOS manager apps and use the helper websites to download YouTube videos

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